This is an important topic for those who want to go to aboard for higher study and also who are passionate about Research. You have to some paper which is helpful to you getting a scholarship and fund. So, Let’s explore how we start writing our first paper? 🧐🧐🧐

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Research: Research is a process of re-studying a topic and working on it to get the maximum results which are helpful for people. It is a Systemic Investigation to gain knowledge.

There are few steps we need to follow when we writing a…

Hi everyone,

Hope all are doing well. Today I am going to talk about interview asking questions in javascript👌👌. So let’s start…😎😎😎😎

1undefined vs null: undefined means the value of the variable has not been assigned or for any function, if there is no return value then the function returned “undefined”. Because javascript variables start with undefined if they are not initialized or defined. The type of undefined or any undeclared variable is the string “undefined


All You know as a new REACT.js Developer

React is a popular javascript library made by Facebook on 29th May 2013. It is not exactly a framework. If you start learning React.js then this article is for you. So, Let’s go and explore React.js from Scratch.

1.WHAT is REACT.JS: React.js is a javascript library for build an interactive user interface. It is a library, not a framework. There is a huge difference between library and framework. We do not go there exactly we will explore today the popular javascript library REACT.js.

It is a component-based library. We can break a…

We should always use the modern JS syntax for clear code:

1.Comment in Javascript:

// this is a comment >right way//this is a comment > wrong way, because you should put a space after the slashes.

2.variables naming in Javascript: For variable names use lowerCamelCasing. which humans can read and also have a logic before the name of the variable. which will help to understand why it was named;

Right Way :

var myName;
var shoppingCart;

Wrong Way :

var myname;
var shoppingcart;
var 54Cart;

3.Declare a variable let or const not var:

when the variable is changable you…

Today we are on the way to know about some boring but interesting parts of Javascript. So, are you guys ready for the twist? So let’s start playing with the exception handling in javascript.

Try-Catch in Javascript :

fun fact

If you start programming then you must hear the unavoidable name ERROR/Exceptions. And You should play with them and solve them. But how? That is Try-catch block.

Now, what is the Try-catch block in javascript/programming?

The try, catch blocks are used to handle exceptions (a type of an error). Before you learn about them, you need to know about the types of errors in programming.In programming…

Hi Everyone, Sojol here.

Today we are talking about a little bit of the fundamental concepts of javascript programming languages. If you are new to Javascript this is for you.


Start with Javascript String :

If we want to store and manipulate text type data on javascript then we need string type. It is a primitive data type in Javascript;

Javascript string is an object that represents a sequence of character.

Example :

var myName=”Pitar”;

Here the variable myName have a value of Pitar;

Pitar is blocked by the double quote this is one way to declare and store text data on Javascript String;

Here another two…

Benefits of 30 days code on Hackerrank

Here we talked about 30 days coding challenge on Hackerrank

10 days of javascript with HackerRank

From today i am trying to discuss about 10 days of Javascript challenge on HackerRank which is strong about our basic of Javascript.This series focuses on learning and practicing JavaScript.Site of HackerRank :

Day-0: hello world:

Task:A greeting function is provided for you in the editor below. It has one parameter, parameterVariable . Perform the following tasks to complete this challenge:

  1. Use console.log() to print Hello, World! on a new line in the console, which is also known as stdout or standard output. …

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